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Speaking at Day 1 

Innovative Approaches and Creative Practices

Floor van Ditzhuyzen
Architect, Researcher and City Guide, Public Space Detective, The Netherlands

Floor van Ditzhuyzen is an architect and urban designer at the Ontwerpwerkplaats, an interdisciplinary spatial design studio based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The studio operates on the threshold of interior design, small-scale architecture and public space. 

​Besides her practice as an architect Floor is engaged in teaching and research with public space as central focus, especially how spatial interventions can transform the character of public spaces and the way they are experienced. This interest culminated in design research into waiting as a public activity and how friction can be used as a design strategy for public space. She has won awards with projects like the Pop-Up Bus Stop and is founding partner of the international We Love Public Space Festival

In March 2020 Floor started the Public Space Detective Blog, a research project investigating common and uncommon phenomena in public space, as a response to the world being in lockdown after COVID-19 struck. This unique, unprecedented situation emptied cities all over the world, rendering streets and squares void of publicness, and leaving public space in limbo.


Positively, the Corona-crisis also brought the resilience of public space to the surface; its capacity to bounce back, to transform, and provide room for new functions, programming and phenomena. The Public Space Detective blog is the result of Floor's visual scavenging, roaming the streets of Rotterdam with the objective not only to document but also to unravel and question what is observed. What are we seeing here? What is really going on?

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