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Moderating at Day 2 

“Cities and Health - Combating health disparities in high density and informal communities”

Gregor H. Mews
Founder & Executive Director, Urban Synergies Group, Brisbane, Australia
Lecturer, Queensland University of Technology

Dr. Gregor H Mews is on a committed path by dedicating his energy to improve urban conditions through evidence-based and human-centred design around the globe- in short a professional nerd with social skills.

In order to enable meaningful change, he founded in 2013 the international "Think and Do" Tank Urban Synergies Group (USG) committed to shaping healthy communities worldwide. Prior this calling, he was the Head of Project Development and Corporate Social Responsibility at the global segment market leader in sustainable play space design SIK- Holzgestaltungs GmbH based in Germany. While leading the design and innovation agenda, he advised key clients such as Playmobile Funpark and many capital cities internationally on holistic play space design.

In the role of the Executive Director of USG, Greg provides strategic policy advice in international context. He is active member of the Steering Committee at UN-Habitats World Urban Campaign. Under the conceptual approach of "Right to the City" he advocated for better health and well-being outcomes at the United Nations Habitat III conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development held in Quito (Ecuador) in 2016.

Greg holds a tenure-track lecturer position at Queensland University of Technology as well as an honorary adjunct Professorship at the Health Research Institute at the University of Canberra. Further is a member of the International Play Association, International Society of Urban and Regional Planners and the Planning Institute of Australia. He continues to lecture around the world including the Technical University of Berlin (Germany), Yale University (USA), University of Canberra (Australia), University of Kassel (Germany) and University of NSW (Australia). Greg has received several research scholarships and received multiple work-related awards. He is also a published author in Germany and Australia. 

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