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深 水 埗 公 共 空 間

2021 深水埗公共空間社區地圖 Sham Shui Po Public Space Community Map

最近的疫情反映了公共空間的作用及重要性,特別是在深水埗如此人口稠密的社區。 因此,香港中文大學建築學院與超過50名深水埗和石硤尾居民進行焦點小組討論,期望了解他們對公共空間的看法、使用習慣和區內空間的現況。 我們特別調查了疫情對他們使用公共空間的影響,更與參加者共同創作的這張「深水埗公共空間社區地圖」。 我們希望透過地圖,可以與街坊分享社區內公共空間的重要資訊,讓大家更能善用空間,享受在社區內的生活。最後,團隊在此再次感謝參與討論的街坊寶貴的意見及時間。這研究項目由RGC Development Fund (CUHK)資助。

The recent pandemic has heightened the role of public spaces worldwide, particularly in dense neighbourhood like Sham Shui Po. Hence, the School of Architecture at the Chinese University of Hong Kong started a study to understand the perceptions, habits of use and the condition of public spaces by conducting focus groups with over 50 residents of Sham Shui Po and Shek Kip Mei. In particular, we investigated the impact of COVID-19, if any, on their usage of public spaces. This Sham Shui Po Public Space Community Map is the result of a co-creation process with inputs from locals. We hope that the map can help share essential but often overlooked information about available public spaces in the neighbourhood, so that those who need these spaces most can enjoy better access and eventually, quality time in the community.

This project is funded by RGC Development Fund (CUHK) , and would not be possible without the generous help of the participants of the focus groups. 

Check out the Google Map version of our map, easily navigate the map while walking around.

Download the digital version of the map, save it on your phone, and send it to your friends easily!

Sham Shui Po Public Space

項目團隊 Project Team

項目領導 Project Organizer 田恒德教授 Prof. Hendrik Tieben

項目統籌 Project Coordinator 張喻斯 Stephanie Cheung

研究團隊 Research Team 張喻斯 Stephanie Cheung 梁潔瑩 Chloe Leung

平面設計 Graphic Design Eva Leung 

鳴謝 Credits 明愛社區為本精神健康促進計劃 Caritas Community-based Project on Mental Wellness 

Design For Sham Shui Po (Hong Kong) For Healthy Communities after the Pandemic

The Chinese University of Hong Kong's School of Architecture M.Sc. Urban Design Studio 2021 responded to the current situation of Sham Shui Po during the pandemic, and developed four strategies and solutions, with hopes of improving public spaces at Tai Po Road Area, Cheung Sha Wan Road school district, Nam Cheong Street & Apliu Street, and the waterfront area. The clip encapsulates the works of the students.

Urban Design Studio 2021

Instructors: Prof. Hendrik Tieben & Prof. Darren Snow with inputs from Prof. Daniel Pätzold & Prof. Sujata Govada

Teaching assistants: Liang Erchun, Li Junwei

Video production: Li Junwei, Raygo Leung, Stephanie Cheung, Lei Danyang

Sham Shui Po Public Space Map
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