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2020 A Year
Public Space 

6-7 November 2020



Day 1 | Nov 6 
Opening Remarks
Hendrik TIEBEN, Associate Director, School of Architecture, CUHK
CY Chiu, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, CUHK
Tung FUNG, Director, Institute of Future Cities, CUHK
Reframing the Role of Public Space in the Age of Pandemics
Diane BRAND, Dean, Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries, University of Auckland, New Zealand 
Setha LOW,
Director, Public Space Research Group, Center for Human Environments at the Graduate Center of City University of New York, USA
Vikas MEHTA, Professor of Urbanism, Fruth/Gemini chair and Ohio Eminent Scholar of urban/environmental design, School of Planning, University of Cincinnati, USA
Mahak AGRAWAL, Founder, The Spatial Perspectives, India
Moderated by Miodrag MITRANSINOVIC (Parsons School of Design)
Emergence of Digital Public Space - harnessing the power of data
Tat LAM, Chief Executive Officer, Shanzhai City, Hong Kong
Timothy JACHNA, Dean, College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning, University of Cincinnati, USA
Manfredo MANFREDINI, Associate Professor, School of Architecture and Planning, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Moderated by Jeroen VAN AMEIJDE (CUHK)
Cities and Health - Governmental and institutional roles in building resilient communities
Riduan NGESAN, Senior Placemaking Executive,Think City, Malaysia
Min Jay KANG, Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of Building and Planning, National Taiwan University (NTU), Taiwan
Mee Kam NG, Associate Director, Institute of Future Cities, CUHK
Moderated by Corrin CHAN (Hong Kong Institute of Architects)
Innovative Approaches and Creative Practices
Katelijn VERSTRAETE, East Asia Arts Director, British Council
Maggie MCCORMICK, Fiona HILLARY, Contemporary Art and Social Transformation (CAST), RMIT University, Australia
Floor van DITZHUYZEN, Architect, Researcher and City Guide, Public Space Detective, The Netherlands
Moderated by Luisa BRAVO (City Space Architecture)
Key Panel: Campus as Public Space in the Age of Pandemics
Raymond CHAN, University Dean of Students, CUHK
Peter LENNIE, Executive Director, Worldwide Universities Network
José ESCAMILLA, Director, TecLabs, Tecnológico de Monterrey University, Mexico
Moderated by Hendrik TIEBEN (CUHK)
Day 2 | Nov 7
Cities and Health - Role of research and design in creating sustainable and healthy cities
Lee BEATTIE, Deputy Head of School of Architecture and Planning, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Jason GILLILAND, Director, Human Environments Analysis Laboratory, Canada
Kevin LAU, Research Assistant Professor, Institute of Future Cities, CUHK
Moderated by Kai GU (University of Auckland)
Cities and Health - Creating Healthy Neighborhoods

Albert LEE, Director of Centre for Health Education and Health Promotion, CUHK

Kim DIRKS, Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Leigh WILSON, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Sydney, Australia
Moderator by Kevin HSU (Centre for Liveable Cities, Singapore)

Cities and Health - Combating health disparities in high density and informal communities
Jean WOO, Director, Jockey Club Institute of Aging, CUHK
KT SURESH, National Lead Policy & Campaigns (Urban & Labour), Action Aid India
Wael SINNO, Area Coordinator, UN-Habitat, Lebanon
Moderated by Gregor H. MEWS (Urban Synergies Group/ Queensland University of Technology)

Roundtable Discussion and Closing Remarks: 2020 Reflection and outlook after a year without public space 

Jim WALKER, Founder, Walk 21 Foundation, UK

Jose CHONG, Global Public Space Programme, UN-Habitat

Luisa BRAVO, Founder and President, City Space Architecture, Italy

Maurice HARTEVELD, Assistant Professor, Urban Design, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands​
Moderated by Hendrik TIEBEN (CUHK)

Virtual Hong Kong Public Space Tour
led by Walk in Hong Kong

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