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Plastique Fantastique, Berlin, Germany
Insight from "Innovative Approaches and Creative Practices in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic"

Yena presented a few extremely interesting projects on behalf of Plastique Fantastique, ‘an art collective which samples performative possibilities of urban environments’. Borrowing public space, finding neglected corners in the city, and involving citizens in the creative process are important notions of the collective. Air and plastic are the common working medium, the thin transparent plastic sheet blurs the line between inside and outside. The collective takes softness as an urban approach so as not to disturb what is already there, it’s playful and creates emotional friction via a temporal alien object and exposing the possibilities in empty spaces.


Responding to COVID-19, Plastique Fantastique leverages experiences with the structure, which has overpressure airflow, an opposite mechanism of air pressure rooms in hospitals. Mobile PPS is a project that explores the possibility of creating air lock protective care units for doctors. iSphere started as a hypothetical story, yet became an informative art performance one day before the regulation of covering nose and mouth on public transport came into effect. Audiences are once again invited to be performers and artists through the tutorial online.

We had suddenly so much time to do nothing and doing nothing actually helps to be creative. Corona becomes a new subject in our work.

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